2020 A Year Without War


A Year Without War. It’s not impossible; women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, and landing a man on the moon were all “impossible” – and then happened.


The year 2020. This is symbolic and practical; 2020 is associated with clear vision and also provides time that we need to create the largest singularly focused community in history.


To build a global community of 765 million global advocates, including you. Together, we will work with governments and organizations to recognize the peaceful aspirations of the silent majority.

Social science research indicates that tipping points for social change can occur with 10% of a population dedicated and engaged in a focused social movement. Women’s suffrage and the civil rights movements in the United States exemplify the power of like-minded people to reshape their world.

In the coming months AYWW will continue to evolve into an integrated, interactive global community. You are a vital, essential member of this growing community as you participate in the creation and realization of A Year Without War. AYWW will continue to unveil features that will allow you to keep track of your community involvement including: recruitment, blogging, artististic contributions and those activities that you bring to enable this community.

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A Year Without War

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