Before I am Taken: Stopping Slavery now

Be a hero–save a child from being taken and trafficked. Poverty is the driving force behind most slavery today. Before I am Taken aims to stop the cycle of poverty which in turn stops modern day slavery.

We transform villages caught in extreme poverty and help them become a thriving community that is self sufficient and free of slavery. Currently we are working in a cluster of villages in Nepal and estimate that we will prevent over 4,000 people a year from Human Trafficking with the completion of this project.

How do we help? Here is an example: We are now completing a well that will keep women and girls from walking over 4 hours every day to collect clean drinking water for their families. Some of these women and children have been TAKEN off the path and sold into the sex trade. If we get clean water in the village, the chance that these women and children will be taken greatly reduces and girls can attend school.

Before I am Taken is an initiative of Global Hope Network International and uses their TCD (Transformational Community Development) method of stopping poverty and stabilizing villages by targeting the 5 vulnerabilities that create poverty: Water, Food, Wellness, Education and Income Generation. By helping these people become self sufficient in each of these areas we can help them eliminate poverty and eliminate the needs that make them vulnerable to human trafficking.

Please take a moment to register and to help in this fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery around the world. Even a donation of one dollar can go a long way. With your help we can Stop Slavery Now!

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