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What is the biggest problem in Africa? Well the answer is simple. The biggest problem in Africa is that there are too many problems. The problems include bad education, poverty, disease, unemployment, and so many more. As of 2014, 47% of African families make $1.50 a day. That’s one Big Mac for a whole African family! Education is the root problem, because with a proper education, there will be more doctors to prevent sickness, entrepreneurs to create wealth, and jobs to support families.

We all know that an education is key to a lifetime of success. But imagine for an instance that you never got an education and because of this your family lives in a shack, you have no job, and your children are sick and suffer from malnutrition. Currently in Kenya over 80 million kids will never step foot in a school, by building these unfortunate kids a school with all the tools needed for success we can help them get the education that they truly deserve.

That’s why we came together with a goal of trying to build a School in Africa.

The school we will build will cost 75,000 dollars, it will have 4-8 rooms, running water, electricity, laptops, and printers. It will be built near Nairobi, Kenya with the help of Build African Schools, an established 501c3 nonprofit organization. This school will be a high school so that African students can pursue a higher education after completing Middle School.

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