Celebrate Freedom Event for Human Rights

Heart Ventures collaborates with United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, Direct Relief & the Santa Barbara Music & Arts Conservatory. Educating people & raising the level of awareness of equality & wholeness as human beings is core. Teaching people they are whole human beings, beautiful creations, with full & equal universal human rights is essential. Then we empower them with the ability to take control of their own lives, guiding academically & vocationally into a career of self-sustenance & quality of life. Evidence of a broken society is when people strike out in theft, crime, turn to drugs & alcohol & are taken advantage of by dealers, pimps, crime lords & traffickers.

Our fight is against this poverty, lack of education, & the roots of this broken culture, embedded in the social fabric of impoverished & oppressed people. We must start by embracing the broken souls of our sisters & brothers & break this cycle of victims of human rights violations. We focus on celebrating freedom, sharing the keys to our success in combating human rights violations & leading young people to freedom & independence with practical & effective programs! Our collaboration provides services to people below the poverty line in the USA & globally.

Our services focus on youth with potential facing serious poverty & oppression. We engage global University Interns serve in our projects including Stanford, Westmont, Antioch, Pepperdine, Santa Barbara City College, Tegucigalpa University and more.

The funds raised will allow us to expand current projects, publish 4000+ pages of training materials, leading people to freedom by empowerment & knowledge of their human rights, guide, teach, tutor & train in basic academics, life skills, workplace skills, team building, vocational skills, spiritual counseling, conservation of land & sea, & music & arts exposure & training.

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