Provide a Fresh Water Well in Ethiopia

Securing and managing access to clean water and poor sanitation is the biggest challenge to the people of Enderta, in Northern Ethiopia.

The desperate need and lack of immediate access to clean water is indicated by the following:

*Over 50% of the community is using water from contaminated sources. However, while governmental and non-governmental organizations are implementing water supply projects but the coverage is very low. Not that alone at some points are constrained by sustainability.

*78% of the local diseases are caused due to absence of potable water, poor environmental sanitation and lack of personal hygiene.

*Women and girls in the area have to walk across parched desert sand and steep mountain passes in search of water. Once they find the trickling streams, they have to return carrying pots and pans of water on their heads. For the women obtaining water is a struggle that consumes many hours of their daily lives. Many girls in the area have been forced to drop out of school in order to provide water for their families.

Help for a Drop of Water was launched in 2009 by a group of university students in the Northern region of Ethiopia. They have successfully built over 21 fresh water wells in the region and with your help we would like to double that number in the coming year!

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